Best Striper Rod and Reel Combos

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We have been getting dozens of emails regarding the best striped bass rod and reel combos for live lining and chunking in the northeast.  Captains Andy and Rich both have their own successful charter businesses that focus primarily on big stripers in the spring.  Here are some of their preferred rod and reel combos.

Choosing the Right Combo

Tarin Keith with a big Striped Bass caught on a live bunker

Tarin Keith with a big Striped Bass caught on a live bunker

Monofilament line is typically preferred for targeting trophy stripers using big live baits (bunker, pogies, herring, etc) and chunks.  The mono gives the angler extra time to put the reel into free spool before the fish feels any resistance.  It is important to understand that the biggest stripers didn’t get big because they were careless.  Heavy fishing pressure throughout the region ensures that the more cautious fish had the best chance of growing up and making more fish!  This angling version of natural selection has helped to ensure the continued breeding success of striped bass.

Rod and Reel Specs

We recommend a rod length of 6 1/2 to 7 feet that has enough backbone to pull a hook out of a big bait (and into the striper), but also sensitive enough to feel the slightest pickups.

Line capacity is never really and issue as 30-40 line can stop most fish in less than 100ft.  Star drags (as opposed to lever drags) are preferred because of the ease of flipping the reel in and out of gear (critical when dropping a chunk back or working a live bunker on the surface).

The outfits below are intended for the serious angler.  These outfits may be outside of the budget for some anglers.  These are durable high-end outfits that you will have for many years that can also be used for many other species.  A good high-end outfit starts around $330, but you can upgrade the reel to an even more versatile reel for another $250.

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Penn Rod and Reel Combo for Striped Bass

Shimano Rod and Reel Combo for Striped Bass

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By Capt Andy LoCascio - Host of Northeast Angling TV
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