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Fluke Tackle

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Fluke TackleSelecting the right Fluke tackle seems like it should be pretty basic, you can either fish deep or shallow, and either use bucktails, fluke balls, or bait rigs.

However, serious anglers focus carefully on the exact tackle for every situation.  It can make a big difference in the size and the quantity of the fish you catch while fluke fishing.  We have compiled lists of the recommended fluke  tackle for both light tackle enthusiasts and deep water fishing.

Light tackle is typically suitable for fluke fishing in depths of approximately 50ft or less provided the bucktail can still hold bottom and does not have to be so heavy that it overwhelms the rod.  The wind direction/strength and current are the determining factor.  Experienced anglers often run their boats slowly in reverse into the wind (when conditions permit) to get the boat drifting exactly with the current.  This technique is known as “stemming”.  The captain is responsible for making sure the anglers lines are as vertical as possible.  This ensures the best possible presentation.

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Recommended Fluke Tackle, Techniques and Tips


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