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Saltwater fishing video, tips. techniques, inshore and offshore locations, news, and much more for Striped Bass fishing, Tuna fishing (Bluefin, Yellowfin, and Giant Tuna), Fluke fishing (Summer Flounder), Weakfish fishing, Blackfish fishing (Tautog), Shark Fishing, Porgy Fishing (Scup), Black Drum fishing, and Bluefish fishing, Cod fishing, Sea Bass fishing, and Winter Flounder fishing.

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Fishing News

TGT Rod Rigger – Product Review and Much More

Capt Andy LoCascio - 08/07/2023

Some product reviews are just that, a simple product review. This one has a very interesting story that surrounds it. Northeast Angling started airing in 2003 and we were at nearly every boat and sportsman…

Striped Bass on Mojos

Mojos – Everyone is Doing Everything Wrong!

Capt Andy LoCascio - 06/08/2023

There is plenty of debate about the exact origin and development of the mojo. It is irrelevant. This is just a simple tandem trolling rig with countless variations used primarily to target Striped Bass. It…

Striped Bass on Shads - Western Long Island Sound, NY

Capt Andy LoCascio - 05/22/2020

Captain Andy LoCascio provides detailed instructions on how to target striped bass trolling with the Al Gags Whip It Fish and Whip It Eel.  This is the first full length Northeast Angling show in nearly…

Sportfish Galapagos - Bucket List Trip

Capt Andy LoCascio - 04/26/2020

Capt Andy LoCascio has been making an annual trip to San Cristobal, Galapagos (Ecuador) since 2007.  He fishes on the famous Vertigo II owned and operated by Sportfish Galapagos (Marco Guitierrez and Pete Santini).  There…

Whip It Fish - Product Review and Striped Marlin Video

Capt Andy LoCascio - 03/15/2020

I finally got a chance to field test the new skirted Whip It Fish from Al Gags Lures.  There is no better proving ground than the Galapagos Islands.  I have been fishing there annually for…

Wind-On Leader - Step-by-Step Video and How-to

Capt Andy LoCascio - 01/11/2020

Wind-on leaders can be very expensive. Experienced anglers use them for nearly all trolling applications. They can also be used for conventional reels loaded with braided line used for jigging and bottom fishing. Aside from…

900lb+ Giant Bluefin Tuna on Standup - Lessons Learned!

Capt Andy LoCascio - 12/26/2019

We have been Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing with Capt Troy Bruce of Bruce Brothers Charters (Prince Edward Island, Canada) for many years, and this year we had a very special fish.  This trip is very…

Blackfish (Tautog) on Jigs – Fish Like a Pro

Capt Andy LoCascio - 10/31/2019

Using jigs and light spinning tackle has become the first choice of serious anglers targeting blackfish (tautog). If you have never done this before, or just want to improve your game, just keep reading. If…

Garmin GMR 18 xHD – Product Review

Capt Andy LoCascio - 10/26/2019

Some days as a boat owner are certainly better than others. I had an issue with the cooling system on one of my Mercury Verado engines that required a repair on land. I pulled the…

Penn Spinfisher VI Product Review

Capt Andy LoCascio - 07/16/2019

Capt Andy LoCascio shares his observations about the new Penn Spinfisher VI.  This is one of the longest running series of spining reels offerred by Penn.  Here are some of the major features: Fully sealed…

Tanaku Lodge Review

Capt Andy LoCascio - 07/16/2017

In late 2015 I wrote a piece describing my top 5 fishing destinations. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see that I mentioned Alaska in the “Notable Omissions” section. I do a lot…

Wind-On Leader Magic

Capt Andy LoCascio - 07/12/2017

“Reverse please”, I am directing the captain of the Vertigo II to back the boat down and help me recover a deep diving trolling lure that is hung in the bottom. At the moment I…

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