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New Jersey

Video, instruction and news for inshore and offshore fishing for New Jersey!

Though sometimes thought of as the lesser sibling of NY, this state still has some incredible fishing! The far south is famous for a world class black drum fishing, and some very good deep water fluke (summer) fishing. However, some of best action can be found in the far north in the Sandy Hook and Raritan Bay areas. Exceptional inshore spring striper action and a very good late spring/summer bluefin tuna bite. The fall run of stripers on the beach can also be quite good. At times the weakfish bite in Raritan, Verazzano, and Barnegat Bay is the best anglers will ever see.

Cape May

Destination Cape May

Capt Andy LoCascio - 10/07/2010 - Views: 555878

Cape May, NJ is a spectacular place to visit. It is an incredible place to jump on a boat and go fishing or just take a walk around town, there are so many great local…

Sandy Hook, NJ - Blackfish - 2009

Sandy Hook, NJ - Blackfish Fishing

Capt Andy LoCascio - 12/10/2009 - Views: 298710

Captain Henry Feeney joins Andy and Rich for the final outing of the season. The guys travel out of Sheepshead Bay, NY and take a short ride to Sandy Hook, NJ to fish in 50-70ft…

Glory Hole Tuna - 2009

Glory Hole, NY/NJ - Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Capt Andy LoCascio - 10/10/2009 - Views: 225334

Captains Andy and Rich meet up with Lou Grazioso of Stripermania fishing charters at the Glory Hole 50 miles south of Long Island. They score a bunch of big bluefin to well over 100lbs on…

Black Drum

Cape May, NJ - Black Drum Fishing

Capt Andy LoCascio - 10/08/2008 - Views: 169323

Captains Andy and Rich hook up with Captain Skip Jastremski of Stalker Fishing Charters (609-972-5218) to experience a once in a lifetime monster black drum bite out of Cape May. They catch more than a…

Raritan Bay, NJ - Flounder - 2008

Raritan Bay, NJ - Flounder Fishing

Capt Andy LoCascio - 10/01/2008 - Views: 207998

Captains Andy and Rich meet up with Lou Grazioso of Stripermania Sportfishing Charters to get in on an some amazing early season flounder fishing (winter flounder fishing) in the sheltered waters of Raritan Bay during…

Sandy Hook, NJ - Striped Bass Fishing

Capt Andy LoCascio - 12/10/2006 - Views: 220202

Captain Henry Feeney joins Andy and Rich for a trip down to NJ to find a big body of striped bass that has been chasing herring off of Sandy Hook. They vow to leave the…

Raritan Bay, NJ - Weakfish - 2005

Raritan Bay, NJ - Weakfish

Capt Andy LoCascio - 10/10/2005 - Views: 122318

Capt Andy and Capt Rich join up with Capt Nick Savene of No Time Charters and get in on a red hot weakfish bite in the protected waters of Raritan Bay, NJ. The guys use…

Barnegat Bay Weakfish - 2004

Barnegat Bay, NJ - Weakfish Fishing

Capt Andy LoCascio - 10/27/2004 - Views: 178069

The Northeast Angling season opened with a May 17 weakfish fishing trip to Barnegat Bay, NJ with Captain Terry Sullivan. Terry has extensive knowledge of New Jersey waters from Barnegat Inlet to Sandy Hook. Terry proved how…

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