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Blackfish Tackle

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Blackfish Tackle (tautog tackle)Most people used to assume that the only way to fish for blackfish or tautog was to go as heavy as possible, but these days that isn’t always true. Fishing for blackfish (tautog) in deep water with heavy tackle is extremely productive. But early in the season these fish are in very shallow water (10ft) and this is when the fun starts. Grab your light gear and go blackfishing!  We have compiled lists below for the recommended blackfish tackle (recommended tautog tackle) for both deep water and light tackle.

Tautog can be tough to catch at times even when you know you have found them.  Blackfish are often very picky eaters.  They are a very popular recreational fish because they can be challenging to catch and are great fighters.  They range from the mid-Atlantic states northward.

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Blackfish Tackle (Tautog Tackle), Techniques, and Tips

Deep Water Blackfish
Light Tackle Blackfish


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