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1@32 Pledge - New Weapon for Fishery Management

By Capt Andy LoCascio - 12/11/2013 - Short URL: https://neangling.com/?p=6247 - Views: 10671
Tarin Keith with a striper released moments later

Tarin Keith with a striper released moments later

Anglers need to step up and work together to conserve striped bass before the stock collapses (again). The belief that fishery regulators have enough data, authority, and intelligence to protect stripers is simply naïve. If anyone thinks that waiting for someone else to do something is the answer, they haven’t been paying attention to the horrendous management of all the other coastal species. Anglers are left with only one option; they must band together and rely on good sense (and a pit of peer pressure) to ensure the future of the striped bass fishery.

Social Media – The new weapon in fishery management

The popularity of social media within the angling community creates a powerful new weapon for fishery management that did not exist even 5 years ago. In the past, the only option was to have clubs and organizations step into the fray. This would have been effective if all anglers participated, but that simply wasn’t the case and the efforts met with only limited success. But now social media allows for virtually all fishermen to stand behind the single incredibly sane idea that is the 1@32 pledge.

1@32 Pledge – Self regulation for a common goal

The pledge is very simple. Anglers agree to keep only 1 striped bass per day at 32 inches or larger regardless of the regulations (which allow more and smaller fish). A 32 inch striper has certainly had a chance to breed (probably several times) and this ensures that any fish that are taken are mature. If every angler participated it would cut mortality rates in half.

Reality Check

We need to hold each other accountable. There are sure to be some anglers who choose to ignore the pledge or not abide by it all the time. That is to be expected but will not be the norm. This is all about the participation of the majority. Asking tackle shops, charters, and party boats to enforce this is unrealistic. It is certainly acceptable to ask them to pass the word, but everyone needs to realize that fishing is a tough business and these providers are already struggling.

The Bigger Picture

No matter what happens, the 1@32 pledge will make a difference, but that is not the story here. This is really about anglers joining together in online communities and knowing that the sacrifices they make will also be made by others. It is easy to reach nearly every affected angler in just a few weeks. At that point it just comes down to the clarity and sensibility of the message. The 1@32 message is perfectly clear and totally reasonable for most anglers.

Stay Informed!

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