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Galapagos 2012

Reports, stories, photos, and videos from the 2012 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador fishing and filming expedition

The Yellowfin Tuna Plugging Guide

Capt Andy LoCascio - 02/03/2013 - Views: 119544

The winter offshore season in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)  includes a huge influx of yellowfin tuna ranging from 20lbs all the way up to 150lbs (and sometimes more). The fish feed almost exclusively on sardines…

Galapagos 2012 - At the Airport

Capt Andy LoCascio - 02/27/2012 - Views: 206817

It is that very special time of year when I head off to the best Marlin, Tuna, and Wahoo bite on the planet!  This year I will in the Galapagos, Ecuador (San Cristobal Island) for…

Galapagos 2012 - Plugging Lure Preparation

Capt Andy LoCascio - 01/30/2012 - Views: 218916

It is that special that time of year when I start getting ready for my annual trip to the Galapagos  This year I am heading down at the end of February and fishing for three…

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