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Marine Battery Care

Capt Andy LoCascio - 11/29/2016 - Views: 42177

A marine battery takes an incredible amount of abuse.  In the Northeast batteries sit idle in freezing temps during the winter lay-up period.  Most boat owners may go days without using their boats and even then…

Odyssey - Selecting the Right Battery

Kyle Ondrey - 09/21/2011 - Views: 122890

Odyssey has taken the two most important types of batteries and made them into one. Some batteries provide enormous cranking power while other, deep cycle reserve power and Odyssey Batteries both! Odyssey achieved this ability…

Underwater Light Install - Coastal Night Lights

Kyle Ondrey - 05/13/2011 - Views: 106840

The team at Coastal Night Lights sent us some amazing underwater LED lights to retrofit our boats. These lights are fairly easy to install if you have some experience and the right tools. Many boat…

Tim Smith - Seabass

Marine Apps for your Phone

Kyle Ondrey - 01/20/2011 - Views: 77919

Tim Smith Finally Speaks! Tim has been one of the cameramen for Northeast Angling since the beginning and also hosts the great fishing site Skimmer Outdoors. He is more or less the most tech savvy…

Adjust Sonar Sensitivity Manually

Capt Andy LoCascio - 11/26/2009 - Views: 320711

All fish finders include a feature that allows to sonar unit to automatically set the sensitivity (gain). The effectiveness of the feature varies widely based on the manufacturer, water conditions (temperature, salinity, etc.), speed, other…

Understanding Sonar

Capt Andy LoCascio - 11/26/2009 - Views: 348129

Get the most out of your fishing sonar unit by understanding what you see on the screen.  Sonar technology has come a long way in recent years.  Even the least expensive fish finders can provide…

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