HookUp Bucktails vs SPRO Bucktails

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You used bucktails from HookUp Lures in the 2009 Verrazano Fluke show, you used to use SPRO bucktails but I can’t find any mention on the site anymore.  Why did you switch?


SPRO bucktails were really the best bucktails available when we first started using them.  In fact, we used them well before they ever came aboard to support the show.  The finish is excellent, the hooks (Gamakatsu) were super sharp, and eventually they even made them large enough to be effective for deep water fluke.  We caught loads of fish on these bucktails, but we always had a few nagging issues.

The thin wire size of the hook on the SPRO bucktail created two problems.  The hook point was easily deflected when we fished on hard bottom and when that happened the bucktail needed to be replaced.  The small wire size on the hook, also meant a small barb and when you work a fast bucktail it was easy for the bait to come off (especially when using spearing).

The other issue we had with SPRO (that everyone experiences) is that the wraps were continually coming undone especially after multiple fish.  I have a tray full of bucktails needing hair if anyone has the patience to re-wrap them.

The SPRO bucktail was very effective provided the angler worked it is vertically as possible.  However, as the scope of the line increased it would lay on its side.  Eventually SPRO introduced the MudKicker which certainly performed better, but it never caught on.

We reached out to the folks at HookUp Lures and asked them to make us a bucktail that addressed all those issues.  They were already making a wide variety of jigs and they went out of their way to accommodate us.  They designed a jig the fishes with the hook up even when there is alot of scope in the line.  They also selected a Mustad hook with a good sized barb and created lures up to size ounces with very tough hair.  The SynTail Series are simply the best bucktails we have ever seen.

In the interest of honesty, accuracy, and fairness it is important to note that HookUp Lures (among other manufacturers) has supported Northeast Angling in 2009 (and only then). The opinion expressed here is my personal opinion and may not reflect the opinion of other writers at Northeast Angling. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Captain Andy LoCascio – Host

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