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Cod FishingCod fishing used to be be one of the most popular pursuits in the northeast and cod are one of the most popular food fish in the world.
Codfish  fishing was also the major commercial fishing industry in the northeast for many years.    Many years of habitat destruction due to commercial dragging and general over-fishing eventually led to the complete collapse of the cod stocks.  Strict regulations have allowed a very modest comeback and the fish are once again supporting a small charter and party boat effort mainly from Montauk, NY and north.

Though fish have been recorded at over 200lbs, a cod over 70lbs is considered a bucket-list fish.

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Cod Fishing Tips

The key to locating cod is really about understanding what depths they will be in based on the water temperature.  They are typically easy to catch when located.  These are mostly deep water fish as they prefer colder water.  In the summer in the northeast the biggest concentration is found in depths over 200ft and in water cooler than 46 degrees (fahrenheit).  In the winter the codfish are found in even deeper in waters with temperatures under 39 degrees.  However, on certain locations and times during the season, cod can be found in much shallower and warmer waters.

Cod are typically found in large schools and can be especially thick around deep water wrecks.  They will typically hold on a piece of bottom for very long periods and that makes them easier to target.

Cod Fishing Techniques

Cod are typically targeted with bait or with jigs.  The most popular bait is clam and some anglers go as far to dye their clam boats in an attempt to improve the presentation.  Heavy sinkers are used (10 ounces and up) along with cod tackle (rods and reels) that can manage them.  Since codfish are typically targeted in very deep waters, cod jigs range from 12 ounces and up (sometime as large as 20 ounces).  Teasers (usually red or green) are a must when jigging and can often lead to double-headers.



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