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Porgy FIshingThe Scup (Stenotomus chrysops), or porgy is an Atlantic fish found from New England through Florida and the Bahamas. There are 2 primary species known as the scup and the jolthead. The jolthead porgy is found further south than the scup porgy. The scup averages a couple of pounds while the jolthead porgy is bigger with some of these fish growing larger than 8 pounds.

Porgy Fishing

Small porgies are somewhat bony and can be tricky to clean.  Larger porgies are the reason why porgy fishing is so popular.  These fish fight hard on light tackle and are good eating!  Porgy fishing is a major staple of many party and charter boats especially in the New York Bight.


Scup spawn once a year. Females can produce an average of 7,000 eggs. Eggs are fertilized externally. Their spawning season is from May through August, peaking in June and June. Scup primarily spawn over weedy or sandy areas in southern New England from Massachusetts Bay south to the New York Bight.

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