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Striped Bass

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Striped Bass FishingStriped bass fishing is the single most popular saltwater fishing activity.  More effort and dollars are spent on striped bass fishing than nearly all other species combined.  Many anglers spend the majority of the time pursuing stripers.

The striped bass (also known as stripers and in some places as rockfish) are found in coastal waters in every state from Maine to Florida (specifically in the St. Johns River).  The bulk of the population can be found from the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland through the Block Island, Rhode Island.  The spring striper bite is a result of the migration from major wintering and spawning areas in the Chesapeake and the Hudson River, NY.  The striped bass bite can be particularly good in New York in May and June.  After that many of the stripers head further north and east.  In October and November this fish return back to their winter grounds.  The fall bite in Montauk, New York is legendary.

Striped Bass Fishing

Striped Bass are fun on any tackle.  School size fish (older than 2 years) are great for light tackle and fly fishing.  Any fish larger than 50lbs is a “bucket list” fish.  On Northeast Angling TV we spent more time chasing these fish than any others and were fortunate to fish the best striped bass spots with the finest captains in the region.

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Striped Bass Fishing Tips

There are countless striped bass fishing techniques, though striped bass chunking and fishing for striped bass on live bunker are the most popular for targeting trophy fish in areas where bunker are available.

The following articles provide additional striped bass fishing tips that focus specifically on bunker (menhaden) fishing:

Tips to Catch More Trophy Stripers – by Capt Andy LoCascio – Includes tips comparing cut versus live bunker, fresh versus frozen bunker, fishing loose lines when chunking, watching your rod and the hook set.

More Tips to Catch Trophy Stripers – by Capt Andy LoCascio – Includes bunker snagging, castnets, brining bunker, cutting bunker, hook size, hook placement, sinkers, and fluorocarbon leaders.

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