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Montauk, NY - Striped Bass Fishing - Wire Line Chunking

By Capt Andy LoCascio - 11/18/2010 - Short URL: https://neangling.com/?p=2600 - Views: 295434

Striped Bass FIshingCapt Andy and Capt Rich join their good friend from John Steadman of Point to Port Charters to experience a unique wire line chunk bite.  Capt Andy LoCascio said “To the best of my knowledge, this technique is only used for striper fishing in the Northeast in areas where fast currents and sticky bottom make it nearly impossible to present baits properly.” They fish within site of the famous Montauk, NY lighthouse and only a few miles outside of the harbor.

This striped bass fishing technique involves anchoring up-current of structure which could be a ledge or rock pile and feeding a chunk of bunker into the current.  Because of the sticky bottom, no weight is used.  The angler simply feeds back the bait until it hits the bottom.  Once it hits, it is lifted up and fed back further.  This allows the bait to be perfectly presented over a very large area.  Chumming definitely adds to the effectiveness especially when a handful of small chunks is dropped in with the bait.  If the line is let back too far, it will start to hang up.  At that point it should be brought all the way back in, replaced, and worked back again.  The reel is kept in free spool and the angler is responsible for thumbing the spool to minimize backlashes (especially when the fish hits).

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