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Dutton-Lainson - Trailer Jack

By Kyle Ondrey - 04/13/2011 - Short URL: https://neangling.com/?p=3704 - Views: 144920

When was the last time you bought a trailer with a jack that was worthy of anything?

I sure can’t recall that ever happening. Out of the three trailers the Northeast Angling currently has, two of those have broken jacks that are quite new. I have finally found a company that I can truly trust. The Dutton-Lainson Company has given me some jacks to test out. They are the highest quality jacks that I have seen in my entire marine career, even though that isn’t very long, I’ve sure experienced a lot. I received to sizes, the 6400 and the 6850 and they are both beasts for their weight rating.

The 6400 is rated for 1000lb which is the correct size for any 20-24ft boat, and we chose to bulk up for our 28 footer and use the 6850 rated for 1500lbs. It is certainly a good idea to use a jack that has a higher weight rating than what your application requires.Their quality and attention to detail surly has surpassed my greatest expectations.

All Dutton-Lainson products are USA made and are backed by strong 3 year warranties. They offer a full line of trailer accessories from jacks to wheel bearings.

Click here to purchase the 6400 or the 6850.

If you any questions about the jacks or trailering, Send Us A Message.

Kyle Ondrey
Senior Writer/Director of Marketing - Northeast Angling
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