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By Kyle Ondrey - 09/28/2011 - Short URL: - Views: 99782

When retrieving a boat, the winch is the most critical component of the trailer.

We have switched all of the winches on our trailers to Dutton Lainson winches. The reason for this is that their winches can handle a much larger capacity than what its rated for. We placed a 2500lb winch on our 22′ trailer which replaced a 2800lb winch. I know you must be thinking “why would you decrease the load capacity of the winch your using”. Well…we didn’t. Most winch manufacturers place the highest rating of their winch that they can, by measuring the capacity when the winch is almost empty which is when it has the most power but after having 5 layers of cable on top, it looses that strength.

Dutton Lainson rates their winches on the third layer of cable or strap. So in the end, the 2800lb winch that we removed was truly only rated for around 2240lbs. The new Dutton Lainson winch rated at 2500lbs actually exceeds the capacity of the 2800lb winch. The other great feature of the Dutton Lainson winch is that it is a two-speed with two separate drive shafts. The handle, rather than being held on with a nut, has a spring clip, so it can be removed and re-installed in a few seconds, with no tools. If you were to be a steeper ramp and realize that you need more power, simply pop the handle off quickly, attach it to the lower drive shaft, and “gear down.”

If you have any questions about this winch, please send us a MESSAGE, or contact Dutton Lainson.

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Kyle Ondrey
Senior Writer/Director of Marketing - Northeast Angling
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