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Babylon Boat Works - Reality Show!

By Kyle Ondrey - 11/21/2011 - Short URL: https://neangling.com/?p=3937 - Views: 56311

First there was American Chopper, now there is Babylon Boat Works!

This new reality show has emerged on the internet for enthusiasts and any boater ever interested in restoring their classic sport fishing beauty back into pristine condition—and beyond.

Babylon Boat Works (BBW) is a unique operation that came together after Captain Al Lorenzetti—with the help of many friends—completely restored his 1979 23-foot Mako fishing boat. The restoration went so well and drew enough attention to immediately prompt other boat owners to want their own beloved boats restored and rebuilt as well.

Today, Babylon Boat Works is not only a working shop specializing in classic restoration and marine fabrication—it is also one of the hottest new reality shows on the web. Each day, viewers watch the live action on the BBW webcam of its crew facing challenges arising as boats are restored to their former glory. Daily updates from Capt. Al and crew highlight the day’s progress and struggles. Viewers will find Babylon Boat Works entertaining as well as educational.

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Kyle Ondrey
Senior Writer/Director of Marketing - Northeast Angling
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