Fall Blackfish Tips

By Capt Andy LoCascio - 09/22/2013 - Short URL: http://bit.ly/15jv3Hz - Views: 26378

It is that magic time of year when even charter captains skip a day or two of work to target big blackfish (tautog) in the Northeast.  These fish certainly do not get as big as stripers or pull as hard as tuna, but they are challenging and fun to catch. 

Capt John Marino w/big Blackfish

Capt John Marino w/big Blackfish

Most anglers assume that the only way to fish for blackfish or tautog is to go as heavy and fish deep, but these days that isn’t always true. Fishing for blackfish or tautog in deep water with heavier tackle is extremely productive. But early in the season these fish are in very shallow water (sometimes as little as 10ft) and this is when the fun starts.

Here are some great resources and tips to help you catch more blackfish:

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By Capt Andy LoCascio - Host of Northeast Angling TV
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