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Zombie Quiz

By Capt Andy LoCascio - 07/21/2014 - Short URL: https://neangling.com/?p=6784

Fishermen are certainly going to inherit the earth! But not all fishermen are created equal. Some of you will survive the inevitable upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. Find out how long you will survive!

You will fall into one of the following groups (from best to worst):

Zombie BaitLiving LiabilitySurvivorTough GuyBadass

Be sure to answer every question…

Do you own a boat with an engine?


Do you own a gun?


How old are you?


What is your sex?


Where do you live?


What skills do you have?  Fishing will be an important method of survival.  Select all that apply!


Do you own a trailer for your boat?


Fish preparation (you caught ’em, now what?)


How tough are you? Select all that apply!


Can you handle sharp pointy things? Select all that apply!


Can you handle blunt objects? Select all that apply!


How stealthy are you?


Can you make a fire to cook your fish?


The bite is on but just a steady pick, you see some hot members of the opposite sex being chased by zombies, what would you do?


By Capt Andy LoCascio - Host of Northeast Angling TV
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