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Stamford, CT - Blackfish Fishing

By Capt Andy LoCascio - 10/24/2003 - Short URL: https://neangling.com/?p=379 - Views: 201178

Blackfish FishingThe October blackfish fishing (tautog fishing) visit to the deep reefs off of Stamford, Connecticut was quite successful. Special guest, Blackfish sharpie, “Crazy” Alberto Knie added his extensive Blackfishing knowledge to the mix. The conditions were perfect and the guys were into fish as soon as they anchored. They had continuous action for the next three hours. Nearly all of the fish were of legal size and many were in the 4-5lb range, with the largest at around 8 lbs.

“This was our very first blackfish fishing trip and our first time filming with “Crazy” Alberto Knie.  I am not quite sure why he has the nickname, he seemed completely sane (and a very good fisherman) to me.  It was tough blackfish fishing between him and Rich.  They were both mugging me and ever time I missed a bite, they jumped into my spot!” Capt Andy LoCascio

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Watch on YouTube or share this link: http://youtu.be/W-w_uAzofuA

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Watch on YouTube or share this link: http://youtu.be/9aeW6zZB0TI

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