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By Kyle Ondrey - 11/21/2010 - Short URL: https://neangling.com/?p=1328 - Views: 495190

Northeast Angling teamed up with Mustad back in 2007 and the relationship has changed the way we fish. Mustad was created in Norway in 1832 and began producing fishing hooks in 1877 and has been creating the highest quality hooks on the market ever since.

Mustad's Jeff Pierce releasing 400lb+ Blue Shark

Mustad has spent years of research and testing to provide you with the best possible hooks. There are so many different parameters and technical aspects to look at when designing a hook. Whether it be the gauge of wire used, the offset, shank length or the direction of the eye. All of these are major factors that need to be assessed and change for every hook style.

Capt Andy - 7/0 Ultrapoint - Eeling at Block Island

Over the years Mustad has tested dozens of different coatings for their hooks to find the one with the most rust resistance. Although the rust resistance of the hooks may vary because hooks are made for specific purposes and are available in only one finish, while other patterns come in a variety of coatings, Mustad places the best possible coating they can on every hook and style. Mustad prides themselves on taking every possible measure to unsure that their hooks are the strongest, toughest, most rust resistent and serve you for fish after fish without dulling or the point rolling over.

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