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Light up your Night!

By Kyle Ondrey - 01/26/2011 - Short URL: https://neangling.com/?p=2709 - Views: 211976

Spreader 1Last winter I was bouncing around on a message board and found a member who was making his own LED lights, I noticed that a lot of other members had tried his products and seemed very happy with them. I had been on the lookout for new spreader lights for my boat since my standard Halogens would either burnout from getting wet, or would just stop working for no apparent reason and that particular model was extremely had to find without contacting my boat manufacturer.

One really great thing about switching to these LED lights is the way they provide their visibility. Instead of one Spreader 2powerful light reflecting off the sides of the housing, you have dozens of little ones which create less heat and they draw 0.5 amps per, saving your batteries. A great thing about using these is when I’m chunking at night, I would rarely turn my deck lights on because they created such a glare and even just looking at the deck would hurt my eyes and I knew that this was most definitely causing visibility issues for passing boats. With LED’s, your lighting is much softer and there is very little glare so I feel comfortable having these lights on all the time when I’m anchored up at night and I’m no longer worried about draining my batteries since I’m normally running all of my electronics and livewell which need a lot of power.

Spreader 3The thing that really separates Coastal Night Lights from the large manufacturers is that your getting more than what you pay for. You can spend upwards of a couple hundred dollars to get some LED lights for your boat from some factory in China. Or you can spend less money and get something made by a fellow boater that’s going to work just as good, or better.

Chris provides a great product at a great price and amazing customer service. Send him an email and get your boat lit up the right way. He also has a line of underwater LED’s and LED light strips.

See all the styles and options available at Coastal Night Lights.

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Kyle Ondrey
Senior Writer/Director of Marketing - Northeast Angling
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