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Cuomo Extends Ban on Commercial Striper Fishing in Hudson

By Kyle Ondrey - 08/29/2011 - Short URL: https://neangling.com/?p=3869 - Views: 55980

This Ban has been in effect since the 1970’s. It prohibits the commercial taking of striped bass from the Hudson River anywhere between the George Washington Bridge and the federal dam in Troy. This ban was started due to dangerous PCB contamination in the river’s striped bass population. The governors reason for extending the ban is to protect both public health and the recovering striped bass fishery.

Roughly 1.3 Million pounds of PCB’s were dumped into the river from 1947 to 1977. The most common health risks with PCB’s is low birth weight, thyroid disease, and learning, memory, and immune system disorders.You can browse this site to know more about it in detail. PCBs in the river sediment also affect fish and wildlife.

We are proud to support Governor Cuomo’s decision on the continuing commercial ban on Hudson stripers as well as his past support for our fisheries.

Special note for Capt Andy: Every now and then New Yorkers make the right choice for their public officials and Andrew Cuomo is one of them.  There is no need to throw stones at his predecessors, but honestly they never gave a damn about recreational fishing.  Andrew and his brother Chris (a fishing buddy of mine) are real fishermen.  You can bet Andrew is going to be looking out for us (he also rolled back the NY Saltwater Fishing License).  However, we ALL need to remember that he cannot do it alone.  He needs to hear our voices!

Kyle Ondrey
Senior Writer/Director of Marketing - Northeast Angling
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